Full audio transcription (verbatim)

Full audio transcription verbatim

With this service you can rest assured that  you will receive an accurate transcription of your audio recording.

Full or word-for-word (verbatim) transcription is the kind of document which is closest to the original spoken form. It offers an accurate record of what was originally said and leaves no room for interpretation - there are no alterations and no paraphrasing, so you can be sure that what you will get is an accurate transcription of your audio file.

This method gives you a full, accurate record of what is actually said on your audio recording, adhering to the exact words and turns of phrase used, including hesitations, repetitions, tone, etc., as well as any mistakes people made whilst speaking. The addresses made by the speakers and any questions from the floor are transcribed in full. Full transcription also provides information in brackets about the atmosphere of the recording, for instance any rounds of applause, laughter or silences.

This kind of audio file transcription is commonly used for discussions, minutes of meetings, court proceedings and legal meetings, because it offers an accurate record of what was actually said.

A full transcription may be filtered, in other words the transcriber removes any hesitations, repetitions and mistakes people may have made whilst speaking.

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