Transcription services in Portuguese

transcription service portuguese

Would you like your files in Portuguese to be edited by our transcription office? We offer two different types of transcription.


Edited & verbatim transcription in Portuguese

With an edited transcription you receive a document in which the speakers’ words are recorded verbatim. However, repetitions are removed and also reactions from an audience like applause or murmurs are not documented. This simple and shortened form of transcription is suitable for internal archiving of recordings and provides supporting subtitles for clips and video tutorials.

As part of a full audio (verbatim) transcription, we will also record misspellings, and repetitions etc. At the same time, all questions, and interjections are retained. The result is a comprehensive document that can also be provided with time codes on request. This accurate form of transcription makes it possible to for you to analyse the entire recording in detail at a later stage, as any hesitation by the speaker and the reaction of those present is also recorded in writing.

We are happy to offer variations on these rules on request.


Professional transcriptions of video and audio files in Portuguese (Portugal or Brazil)

We are your partner for video and audio transcriptions in Portuguese of all common formats. In addition to podcasts and discussions, we also edit interviews and video files depending on your choice of transcription.

Our transcription office will be happy to support your project. Please use our form to contact us for a non-binding quote or a binding offer with a time schedule for completion of work.