Transcription services in Italian

italian transcription service

The writing down of conversations such as interviews or panel discussions facilitates scientific work and can be used within media such as subtitles. There are two different forms of transcription and the purpose of the document determines which of the two makes sense to use.


Edited transcription in Italian

The edited transcription reproduces what has been said in a slightly shortened version because repetitions or hesitations in speech etc. are not documented. Simple transcribing is ideal for archiving internal conversations as documents, and the literal form is usually sufficient for use in social media.

Full audio (verbatim) transcription

The scope of services for a full audio transcription includes not only verbatim transcription of what has been said but also notes hesitations in speech, audience reactions, interjections, applause, and questions posed. These are all documented in the detailed transcription and time codes are available on request. Full audio transcription results in comprehensive documents that can be processed scientifically.

We are happy to offer variations on these rules on request.


Professional transcriptions of video and audio files in Italian

Our Italian transcription service (and many other languages) processes all common formats promptly and reliably. We transcribe interviews, podcasts, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, speeches and much more.

We distinguish between two basic forms of transcription. On the one hand, we can provide you with edited transcriptions and on the other we can provide verbatim transcriptions.

We are also happy to offer variations on these rules on request.

For a non-binding quote, simply use our contact form, which also allows you to upload files at the same time. We look forward to working with you!