Transcription services in German

german transcription service

In addition to written documentation such as speeches, interviews, lectures and other voice recordings, podcasts and video clips are increasingly being transcribed. After editing, the audio recordings can be easily archived or searched for specific terms. As the intended purpose of a transcription, not only in German but also in other languages, determines what procedure we use, we will briefly explain the various possibilities here.


We transcribe files in German according to the following rules:

Edited transcription 

In an edited transcription, the content of the file is recorded in detail, but a speaker clearing their throat or other unnecessary interjections are removed. They are processed within the framework of the correction together with the unification of the language style and the omission of repetitions. An edited transcription also provides a shorter version than the full audio transcription.

Full audio transcription (verbatim) 

The editing scope of a verbatim transcription includes not only the detailed capturing of the spoken words, but also annotations about background noises and the atmosphere (applause, clearing the throat, etc.). In addition, we can enter time codes that facilitate the later retrieval of explicit passages. All repetitions and errors are also documented.

We are happy to offer variations on these rules on request.


Professional transcriptions of video and audio files in German

We offer edited and verbatim transcriptions in German for Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. We have employees who understand the different dialects and are therefore able to create detailed transcriptions safely and reliably.

Contact us without obligation via our e-mail address or our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!