Transcription service in French

transcription service french

When transcribing in French, we can, if necessary, distinguish between the writing of audio or video files for France, Belgium, or Switzerland, because small linguistic subtleties sometimes have to be noted in the transcript for scientific work for example.


Edited or verbatim transcriptions in French

We always transcribe according to one of the following two sets of rules:

Edited transcription

Our transcription service captures the spoken word from the audio or video file during literal transcription, but minor corrections are made such as removing repetitions or breaks in speech etc.

Full audio transcription (verbatim)

With a full audio transcription, you will receive a document from your audio or video file in which everything is recorded verbatim. Every clearing of the throat, every slip of the tongue and every repetition can be read. For archiving the interview time codes can be entered.

We are happy to offer variations on these rules on request.


Professional transcriptions of video and audio files in French

Our services include edited and verbatim transcriptions in French for France, Belgium, or Switzerland and we work directly with native speakers.

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