The services we offer

  • Transcription Services: Economy & Priority

  • Translation Services in more than 100 languages

Transcription Services we offer


Deadlines: 5-10 days
This is a service for business offering the very best prices.
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Deadlines: 1-3 days
For when it really is urgent.
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Optional: a translation of your transcription

Your transcription translated into the language of your choice.
There is a 10% discount off the total value of the service for any order including the translation option.


A high-capacity production centre

With our specially-tailored organization and infrastructures, we can offer a fast, high quality service however large the job.
When handling large volumes for some of our clients (institutions, hospitals, corporate accounts, etc.), our production centre offers attractive rates based on a sliding scale.

Contact us either on 0808 234 2776 or by e-mail:


Services customized to each individual client:

Every request is subject to a quote that varies according to the specific requirements of your recording.

  • The deadline;
  • The subject area of the transcription;
  • The volume that needs to be transcribed;
  • Any related services;
  • The number of people it will take to handle the request.
  • Turnaround time
  • etc.

We know how to deal with urgent requests and we promise to meet the agreed deadline. The number of people involved at our end guarantees that we will meet your deadline, even with large volumes. Our average turnaround time is just 2/3 days (including the time spent on proofreading). We guarantee you total confidentiality and security from quote to delivery, and we will keep this promise for as long as you require.