Transcription services in English

transcription service english

Transcribing an audio or video file allows you to capture and annotate verbatim speech from interviews, group discussions, podcasts, video clips, and many other formats. The transcription can easily be searched for specific terms, meaningfully archived and easily translated.

Our transcription office provides two different forms of audio and video transcriptions in English, which should be selected according to their intended use:

Edited or verbatim transcription?

The intended use of a written form of a file with voice recording is important, so that we know which rules will apply before we proceed.

We always transcribe according to one of the following two sets of rules:

Edited transcription:

For edited transcriptions, speech is captured in detail. Spoken actions in the recording such as ‘Clears throat’ etc., will be corrected and repetitions will be removed. This usually results in a shorter transcription, but the transcription will retain the correct writing style.

Full audio transcription (verbatim):

For a full audio transcription, speech is not only captured in detail, but also includes things such as applause, a speaker clearing their throat or stumbling over words, and slips of tongues or interjections, which are recorded in parentheses. The original text is recorded without corrections or punctuation. Correction of faulty places, promises, or repetitions is undertaken on request.

We are happy to offer variations on these rules on request.


Professional transcriptions of video and audio files into English

Our transcription service handles many common forms of recorded speech. We transcribe video or audio interviews, commercials, lectures and many other formats in British and American English.

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