Summary Transcription

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Summary Transcription Services

Summary audio transcriptions of meetings, lectures, discussions, etc.

The summary transcription of an audio file uses an indirect style to transcribe the content. It involves summarizing what was said, so that the main points and key ideas are retained, set out clearly and paraphrased concisely, with the ideas grouped together by topic in order to produce a summary.

This transcription method is more efficient, as it paraphrases what was said and organizes the information according to its importance. This can be very useful in practice, as it offers an overview of the meeting, acting as an ideal supplement to a full or edited transcription. For a summary transcription, allow approximately 6 to 10 pages of 2,500 characters (not including spaces) per hour of recording, depending on how lively the discussion was, whether or not there was a question and answer session and the speakers’ own use of language.

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