Scientific Transcription

We know that, practicality dictates the reason for recording information in the research-based field. That’s why we, provide you, with master scientific transcribers. 

Scientific Transcription Services

Transcription of scientific lectures, symposia and conventions


The scientific community regularly produces all kinds of editorial content requiring audio to be transcribed as high quality text, including publications, research reports, reports, results of studies, etc. from conventions, symposia or expert meetings.

A simple error in understanding can have a considerable  impact on the people the document is intended for. In addition to the highest standards of linguistic expertise, the transcription of tapes from a scientific convention, lecture or symposium calls for a methodical approach and in-depth knowledge of the field.

Our audio transcribers who handle work for scientific lectures and symposia are trained in meeting standards, they transcribe thoroughly and carry out all necessary research, so that they are familiar with and adhere to scientific terminology and can adjust to the constraints and constant changes in this field.

Depending upon the complexity of the audio file, our specialists work with experts using glossaries and reference works recognized by the scientific community to help them deal with any questions or uncertainties.

To judge the quality of our work, contact our professionals by email at, where you can request, a free, no obligation quotation.