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Optilingua International

Our 85 agencies in Europe (with one in the UK)  have helped both to establish our company as a market leader and, at the same time, to retain a close and very special relationship with our clients.

With 3,500 people working for us, and a total of 85 agencies, we offer a wide range of language services for businesses. As well as transcription and translation, these also include interpreting, proofreading and document layout.

We promise our clients full satisfaction.

  • Value for money at competitive prices,
  • Tried and tested confidentiality;
  • Never missing deadlines;
  • Acknowledged quality of service.

This is how we guarantee the very highest quality work.

We also choose and retain only the right people with the right training to work with, another reason why we are able to offer services that are up to the standards of even our most demanding clients.

A partner you can trust

Over the last 35 years the success of the Optilingua Group has been built on a unique international network which handles all transcription and translation work in a broad range of languages across all media, thus offering a one-stop solution.

  • We help our clients implement their plans by drawing on an in-house and international organization which is always ready to respond to their needs or anything they might ask us for, combined with genuine communication between the various agencies, networks and clients.
  • We adapt the way we work to meet our clients’ deadlines, also offering total confidentiality, and this is how we build up relationships based on mutual trust. Optilingua’s specialist subsidiaries and network of partners mean that we can quickly find the right professional for the job – this is a promise we make to every one of our clients.
  • Everyone we work with is trained in the Optilingua Group’s own working methods and learns how to use our highly efficient intranet.
  • All our transcribers, copywriters, translators and proofreaders are chosen for their attention to detail, skills and know-how; they have to meet all of the very high standards set by the Optilingua Group.

We work in the following areas of business:

Industry, environment, medicine, trade, mechanical engineering, chemicals/specialty chemicals, logistics, law, finance, electronic, IT, communications, marketing, agro-food, scientific, etc.

To judge the quality of our work, contact our professionals by email at uk@alphatrad.co.uk, where you can request, a free, no obligation quotation.


All our branches across Europe are happy to provide you with a personal consultation.


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