Medical Transcription

Hours of doctor dictated reports? Let our speedy, accurate MT professionals convert your media into hard copy, perfectly, for your records!

Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription of reports, medical records, lectures and letters, etc.


If there is one area that calls for mastery of the subject, attention to detail and accuracy when transcribing, then it is the medical and pharmaceutical field. A high quality medical transcription cannot be produced if the transcriber does not fully understand the field and terminology.

The transcribing of a medical audio recording calls not only for the specific qualities of a professional transcriber but also for full mastery of its specific features, the various shades of meaning in relation to pharmaceutical products, pathologies, the specific features of the terminology, and also current standards and regulations.

Our transcribers are experts in medical transcription and specialize in a number of medical disciplines. They have also been trained in transcribing audio tapes from symposia, discussions with doctors, dictated medical reports, symposiums, etc. and perform their work as accurately as you could wish.

When transcribing medical audio files, our transcribers work closely with medical experts if the subject goes beyond their own personal knowledge or if they need any additional information, thus guaranteeing that their work will be of the highest possible quality.

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