Interview Transcription

Testing, testing 1-2-3! Our professionals capture every second of your recording, conveying it in a practical written format.

Interview Transcription Services

Discussions of various kinds are a part of everyday life for many professionals and an integral part of many specialist areas; transcribing them calls for attention to detail and know-how, as they are very often used as a means of distributing the information gathered.

Speech-to text transcription is a huge area, covering many different types of speech (individual, group, professional, debates, witness statements, telephone conferences, business meetings, interviews, etc.) and all our transcribers are duly qualified to handle this work.

Speech-to-text transcription is a process which involves converting a recording of a discussion between two or more people into a written form. It consists in reporting what the interviewee says fluently, clearly, accurately and in a way which is comprehensible to the reader, showing respect both for the speaker and the various other parties involved.

Discussions may involve two or more participants and, if there are a lot of people taking part, the transcription of what is said can become more complex, especially if the quality of the recording is poor, so it is a good idea to call transcription experts in to handle work of this kind.

Our team of qualified transcribers can guarantee you the highest quality work, completed within the agreed deadline and at very attractive rates.

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