Transcription Services

High quality audio transcriptions
carried out by professionals

High quality full, edited and summary audio transcriptions

We can offer various tiers of audio transcription regardless of your field, specialist subject or area of business, whether following on from a meeting, a telephone conference, a conference, a symposium, a general meeting, a discussion etc., and the rates per minute for this work vary accordingly.

There are three tiers of audio transcription:

Our recognized expertise and know-how in translation allows us to offer translations of transcriptions into many different languages: French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese ...
In carrying out all transcription work, we undertake the treatment of your content as confidential, keeping the processing of data about transcription projects secure.

We can send you the transcribed document either as a hard copy or electronically – we can even deliver it by hand.

Each of our packages can be tailored to your own requirements – just ask us!

To judge the quality of our work, contact our professionals by email at, where you can request, a free, no obligation quotation.